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Betrayal - Relinda Kansou Owsey - Don't Worry, I'm Here Now (feat. Kine Hjeldnes) ---Tocas Mirade Vs Flhas Back ( Fabio A. Vs Andre D. Edit 2 ) Mirade Nuclear Damn You Mongolians - Before the Storm (Mirade Remix) REMASTERED ESE MEEN II by Ozeky Damn You Mongolians - Before the Storm (Mirade Remix) DNNYD feat. DyCy - Don't Hold Me Back (Mirade Remix) Kine Hjeldnes & Oliver Sadie — Father Tribal Theory - She Da Kine Track 3 - Relinda Kansou Dorothea Still Remember Home Sway of Stars Verdict Our Lives Verdant Fields Inter Se Home (VIP Edit) Mercury Dream Of Pinnacles Father (home produced demo) Cracks Father, Dave McKeown with Kine Hjeldnes Irie Souls- Some Kine A Luv Reggae Revolution-MicroVibes K'Nova - Oh How I Wish Hey Baby-Island Vibe DISTANCE YACH KAL FANGAL Ámbar -Again (Prod. Kineprod). Starlee Kine Kine Hjeldnes Father (eXPerimentator Raga ReWork, Video Link) Cherry Roots - Maui Boy NIOOSH BAND Kine (DEMO) کینه Undress pni kine' Da Kine ENT© - Everything in my life Remix "You Da Kine"-Mc Iuchy, Nif & Russell kalaloid remix by bradda k ,marangi boy ,n static UWA SESERES "Remake Broken Promises"--206Boys ft. Mike & Reed & Itimal [Refaluwasch.Kine] Not Done Yet - SOJA (fast kine ) VIRIAN KANAI Salvation Sivan perwer - kine em Da Kine Ent. - Everything In My Life EvenS - Frozen (Ft. Kine Hjeldnes) Father by Kine Hjeldnes/Remix by Kibeja KINIOCHUN MOKUROM